Spring/Summer 2021 -- Alliance Approves New Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues and Fellow Capacity Builders:

We are pleased to share this strategic plan with you outlining the future direction of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management over the next three to five years. We are incredibly grateful to the committee members, board members, advisors, members, and consultants who generously gave their time and wisdom to this plan. Thank you for supporting this effort.

It’s worth noting that we began work on this strategic plan after several years of Alliance national conferences that increasingly centered equity and racial justice in capacity building. Over time, we recognized that there was more that we could do as an organization through our membership, governance, programming and communications to support anti-racist and anti-oppression efforts leading to a better, stronger world.

In the pages that follow, you will see plans to restructure the Alliance to align with our values offering expanded learning, volunteer and engagement opportunities for a much broader range of capacity builders. You will see plans for providing relevant field-building learning and content to our members and non-members as we seek to bend capacity building towards justice. And we chart a path for strengthening community-building activities for members with a goal of an increased sense of belonging and peer support.

But perhaps most importantly, in the pages that follow you will find a reimagining of our organizational values. You’ll see anti-racist, anti-oppression principles at the personal, interpersonal and institutional levels that will take shape throughout the Alliance via member recruitment, onboarding and ongoing participation in our community. We realize the challenges of upholding these values as individual capacity builders and as a community; however, we believe that we need to model these values if we are to build the capacity of others to do so. We pledge to be accountable to this plan and these values, and we hope that you will join us on that journey.

In partnership,

Molly Penn and Keith Timko on behalf of the Alliance Board of Directors

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